July 26, 2016



Last Thursday, July 21st, Cutter hosted its third successful Cutter Connections mentorship event in a Manhattan suite provided by Audio Network. This summer, the theme was Audio + Music, two fields Cutter recognizes as integral to the entire post production process. Throughout the night, aspiring young women looking to pursue careers relating to the world of sound, met and mingled with female professionals holding titles that included Music Supervisor, Producer, Licensing Manager, Publisher, Audio Mixer, and several other positions the mentees may not have even known existed! The mentors generously shared their experiences working for top companies such as Viacom, Roc Nation, Showtime, Vice, Warner Music Group, and many more! After thanking us for the opportunity to meet “women who are constantly revolutionizing and thriving in their industries,” one of the mentees praised the event, claiming, “Everyone was looking out for each other and so willing to help each other out, which was really refreshing and inspiring to see in this industry.” With such a great response from its attendees, Cutter plans on hosting many more events just like this in the future!